Alessandro Bertinetto

Mediadora: Rachel Costa

Sexta-feira > 20/10/2017 > 16:30 ∇ FAFICH > SALA 1012

Following Georg Bertram’s recent suggestion, that a coherent, informed, and accomplished philosophy of art should consider not only the specific nature of art, but also its value as human practice, I will argue that the link between human practices and art is provided by improvisation.

Improvisation is not only a particular artistic technique. Rather, it can be more generally understood as the paradigm of art, in the sense of incorporating and genetically showing, on the one hand, the autonomous art specificity and, on the other hand, the value of art, that is, the link between human practices and art as a specific human practice.

In this sense, art both derives from and is a particular way to improvise (upon) human practices, i.e. to develop them in unprecedented and risky, but also valuable, ways. Accordingly, improvisation, as a specific artistic procedure, will be understood as that kind of artistic production in which the human practices art is based in come, as it were, exemplarily to the fore. Hence, in a nutshell, art begins with, and ends in, improvisation.